Essay Competition to Celebrate the 100th Founding Anniversary of CPC

The year 2021 marks the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC). On this special occasion of enormous significance to the entire Chinese nation, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bangladesh is set to hold an essay competition as part of the grand celebration. Therefore, we are calling for essays from our beloved and enthusiastic Bangladeshi friends for this competition, which has a set of very attractive prizes and awards. The competition details are as follows:

1. Topic: The Communist Party of China and China's Development in My Eyes.

2. Eligible participants: Bangladeshi people from all walks of life, especially those have studied or worked in China.

3. Deadline for uploading and emailing the essays: 17:00 (5 pm) of June 10th, 2021.

4. Essay requirements:

(1) The theme has to be clear, based on the experience in China or the daily China-related information, focusing on the understanding of the CPC and China's development, the relationship between the CPC and China, as well as the impression and views on China-Bangladesh relations;

(2) The essay should be comprised with positive narratives;

(3) The participant can write the essay either in English or Bangla, based on own preference. However, the number of words shall not be less than 600 and more than 1500;

(4) The author shall be responsible for his/her own writing. The write-up must be original works, and any form of plagiarisms would lead the essay to disqualification. If plagiarism constitutes infringement, the relevant legal liability shall be borne by the doer.

5. Submission method: The participant needs to upload the essay on his/her Facebook wall putting #cpc_100years below. He/she should also send the essay to, where Facebook post link, full name, phone number, and current living address(for sending gifts) must be attached.

6.Methods of selection and award:

There are 3 prizes in the general category

(1) Best Prize: 10 outstanding works will be selected according to the content and style of the works submitted. The prizes will be electric fans, mugs with the centenary mark of the founding of the Party, honor certificates with the Ambassador's autograph and national flag brooches of China and Bangladesh.

(2) Popular Award: Participants are required to post their articles on their personal Facebook and send the link along with their works to the above designated email address. Finally, the 10 entries with the highest praise will be selected by thumb up amount (thumb up statistics deadline is the same as the deadline for receiving papers). The popular award will be awarded, and the prize will be the same as the Best Prize. If the Best Prize and Popular Award overlap, only one prize will be sent.

(3) Participation Award: All valid participants will be awarded with 50 surgical masks, a centenary postcard of the founding of the Party signed by the Ambassador and a pin of the national flags of China and Bangladesh.

7. Announcement of the selection process

The Embassy's Facebook page will publish the ranking of the likes of the entries once a week during the acceptance period.

8. Special Statement

After the selection, the Embassy will publish the winning works in the Bangladesh News Media. Participation itself will be deemed as tacit consent of the participants for us to publish their works. The Embassy reserves all the rights to interpret the activities.

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