5 lakh China-donated Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines arrives in Bangladesh on May 12th

Five lakh China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines, donated by the Chinese government to Bangladesh, arrived in Dhaka on Wednesday morning.

Although facing difficulties of huge domestic demand and a tight supply of international market, China gave priority to ensuring that the vaccines arrive in Bangladesh as soon as possible, and has now successfully made it a special gift of Eid Festival to the government and people of Bangladesh, which demonstrates the profound traditional friendship between the two countries.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, China and Bangladesh have been supporting and assisting each other to fight together against the pandemic.

China has donated and is donating vaccines to 80 developing countries with urgent need, and has provided support under COVAX for emergency use of vaccines in developing countries. China has fulfilled its solemn commitment to make COVID-19 vaccine a global public good with practical actions, promoted the fair distribution of global vaccines and made China’s contribution in the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

China will continue to make joint efforts with Bangladesh to make positive contributions in Bangladesh’s endeavor of protecting human lives and fight to win the battle against the pandemic, and together to build an even closer community of shared future and health for mankind.

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