Biography of Ambassador Zhang Zuo

H.E.Mr. Zhang Zuo was born in February 1969 in Xuanwei County of Yunnan Province. He has a Ph.D in Management.

H.E.Mr. Zhang Zuo served as Division Head of Religious Affairs Administration of Yunnan Province, Division Head of Policy of Research Office of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Deputy Secretary of Yaoan County Committee of the CPC and Director of New Countryside Construction Working Team of Yaoan County, Chuxiong Prefecture of Yunnan Province, Magistrate of Yongsheng County and Secretary of Yongsheng County Committee of the CPC, Secretary of Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Lijiang City Committee of the CPC and Standing Member of Lijiang City Committee of the CPC.

H.E.Mr. Zhang Zuo arrived in Dhaka in February 2018, taking up his assignment as Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh.

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