Ambassador Li Jiming Publishes 15th Article in the Series "China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization"

On 16 February, the Daily Sun published an op-ed by Ambassador Li Jiming in the series China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization titled "Multilateralism: The Torch for All".

Multilateralism today is facing a crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, partly as a result of the rising disaffection with globalization. However, the article points out, globalization itself should not to be blamed for the problems it now became notorious for, but the lack of regulation at national and global level. Similarly, the problem with multilateralism is not the idea itself but the outdated and under-representative framework. The pandemic has shown us how important it is to build international consensus and cooperate closely when responding to global challenges. Therefore, as Chinese President Xi Jinping stated at this year's Davos event, all countries need to work together to build a just and equitable multilateral system, and a community with a shared future for mankind that everyone can benefit from.

This is the 15th article in the series.

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