Ambassador Li Jiming Publishes 14th Article in the Series "China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization"

On 27 January, the Daily Sun published an op-ed by Ambassador Li Jiming in the series China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization titled “Seeking Harmony in Diversity: China’s Multi-Ethnic Tradition”. Focusing on the less well-known Chinese tradition of multi-ethnicity, Ambassador Li presented China’s cultural and religious diversity from both historical and modern perspectives. He then took Xinjiang as an example to show how China has been trying to preserve its diversity while combating local terrorism and ill-intended media fabrications. Finally, the author pointed out that as a committed member of the international community, China will continue to promote exchanges with different countries and civilizations to build a diverse global community.

This is the 14th article in the series.


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