Ambassador Li Jiming Publishes 13th Article in the Series "China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization"

On 12 January, the Daily Sun published an op-ed by Ambassador Li Jiming in the series China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization titled "China's RMB in a More Diversified Global Economy". The article points out that as the world slowly moves away from excessive reliance on the US dollars, the renminbi (RMB), China's official currency, is playing a more important role in a more diversified global economy. In recent years, there has been steady progress in the bilateral currency cooperation between China and its partners, as well as the use of the RMB in areas including cross-border payment, international financing, denomination and reserve. The RMB's resilience amid adverse economic conditions also makes it increasingly attractive for foreign investors. As China and Bangladesh share such close economic ties, it will be mutually beneficial for us to establish some forms of currency cooperation mechanisms at an early date.

This is the 13th article in the series.

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