Ambassador Li Jiming publishes an op-ed titled "China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization

Today, the DailySun published an op-ed by Ambassador Li Jiming titled “China: Good Governance Rooted in an Ancient Civilization; China's Spirit of Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Highlighting the National Awards Ceremony for COVID-19 Fighters held in Beijing last week, Ambassador Li wrote about China’s spirit of combating the pandemic in 4 aspects: priority on saving lives, nationwide solidarity and sacrifice, respect for science, and a sense of mission for humanity, underpinned by socialist values and Chinese traditions. As the pandemic rages on globally, the article points out, China’s experiences will serve as a confidence booster for the world and the country will continue to be a strong contributor to the international response efforts. This is the fifth article in the series.

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